W.Wai is pure Kuala Lumpurian who grew up in small village on remote mountain range of Kepong. He is middle-aged now and growing beard. After spending the last two decade joining the rat race, something was amiss from his life. The excitement that come from venturing the unknown, the joy of exploring the high mountain, the feeling of freedom, the feeling of missin the good-old childhood of care-free day.

Scouting was his favorite activity back then. The tent sleeping, the camp fire, the cooking, the stargazing, and the waterfalls. He was also a competitive school runner. He love being outdoor, being with nature and
getting his legs all scratched up. In his free time he loves to ride mountain bike, hike and climb the off-beaten path.

This website is a compilation of pure curiosity and passion to explore the unknown and share it to the rest. Hopefully one day, the joy of the exploration can be pass down to his little boy.


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