Day Hike To Mount Korbu

Day Hike To Mount Korbu

It was my first big G12 hike after long long while. I only been to training at FRIM at only 240m elevation and some easier route in Berembun and Datok in Rembau. Then it was straight to the real big mountain. It was no ordinary feat, looking at the fact sheet, it require 12.5km one way to the top of the summit. You would require 3 big lungs and the mental strength to keep it going. At one point of time i was almost quiting having seen the watch only at 800m. There still another 1400m to go thru hell. But if you had been training for a while, then this is just slightly longer and tougher route. But for someone like me, who is from the cycling world and jumping straight to the hike, it does require lot of self-talk and God-pray mantra.

We set out on Friday heading late to the homestay in Tambun. The last dinner was at 11.30pm before you getting pack and heading out early tomorrow. With few hour of sleep, we reach at 6.30am at the Dam Gate. After the registration from the Forestry Dept nearby, we depart and passing the beautiful Sultan Azlan Shah Dam. After park, he started the climb at 8.45am at relatively easy 1.5km walk. It begin to swing to full action afterward with all the technical climb on the roots and garden rock.

I went up almost solo as the rest of the group was chasing the fastest known time. After hundred of river crossing, i take a rest at the river and take a few photos. There a hidden waterfall not long afterward. Real beauty and untouched.

At 7.5km, there is camp site known as Kem Seroja. Wide enough to accommodate 10-12camps. It has a river next to it and perfect for the setup. Mostly ppl would take night off here and tomorrow to continue the journey up. But the group decided is a day hike and wanted to finished it asap. A normal hike group would take 4 day 3 night to summit and back. Never follow an Ultratrail kaki. It a suicide mission.

Having the rest at the final water station. You need to refill here as there is no more water up the summit. Oh my, the water was refreshing and sweet, real sweetness than your home Diamond Water Filter.

The summit push will require you to passing over 20 ladder. At this point i was giving up. Only to be overtaken by another group of elderly. I was force to soldier on. The last stairway to hell. My gang had all left to another peak called Mount Gayong which is not far away, 2.5km one way. Another 5hour for back and forth. I reached at 5pm evening. It was already too late. I taken 25minute rest and quickly started to descent down, as the jungle is getting dark. The ladder is dangerous if you don’t have the strength left. On my way down, i twisted my right ankle on the muddy slop. This has force me to awfully slow down. Luckily there are 2gentlemen helping me out during the darkness. It not, you are alone in total darkness and only the light of your headlamp. Credit to Edmund & Uncle from Penang.

I meet Soon at only 4am. Screaming in agony pain all the way down. Even a 1km downhill, i took almost 1.30hour. Oh where was the picture of the snake?

Lastly, i came out alive at 5.30am the next morning. Having spend 20 hours on the mountain was brutal, insane ! It is notorious. It is crazy! But at the same time is wonderful journey. You got to know some serious trail runner and hiker alike. The park was definitely untouched and original. The best was at 2am at rock garden, where you witnessing the Stars from above. I don’t even have the energy to take any photos. The next time i come, i will opt for the 3 Days 2 Night as the normal people would do. Credit to rest of the gang for the hot porridge and tent setup.

Facts Sheet :

  • Elevation :  2183m
  • Total Ascent : 2004m
  • Total Distance : 25 km
  • Duration : 18.49 Hour
  • Suffer Rating : Level 10 INSANE