Mount Berembun, Jelebu

Mount Berembun, Jelebu

It took me long enough to get this report out for the sighting in Mount Berembun, Jelebu. I had to admit im lazy, sometimes being busy. Probably both. It almost Chinese new year with festive season just around the corner, I’m yet to finish spring cleaning my house from top to bottom. So back to the hike, I started back my hike almost after a decade since having any real hike to the mountain. No training whatsoever. No real sport since I quit my road biking a year ago. It will be just walk in the park, as told by friend. But we ended up having 9 hours of climbing from 7am till 4pm in the evening. I rated the difficulties approximately 6 out of 20. (Refer to the Rating Chart). Don’t get confuse as there 3 Mount Berembun in Peninsular with the same name located in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Cameron Highlands and Dungun, Terengganu.  

I was moving to slow and having lot of stops in between. The total ascent is about 1203m back and forth. But one way to world war’s sighthing is about 8.6km distance from the Trailhead. I did not go to Gunung Telapak Buruk, since i believe there not much of a view. Well it just another 2.5km away which also you can start from there which is much easier. Next time eh.

There is lot of climb toward the end of it, but it is worthwhile to see 1945 plane crash? Absolutely! Did I mentioned we bring our very own Malaysian airlines engineer to inspect the crash investigation? He concluded nothing!

Facts Sheet

  • Elevation :  1014m
  • Total Ascent : 1203m
  • Total Distance : 17.2km
  • Duration : 8 Hour
  • Suffer Rating : Level 6 Hard