Mount Kinabalu Expedition

Mount Kinabalu Expedition

It’s exactly on 13th August; 10th years Anniversary now since we landed in Land Of Borneo. Never did i realised it has been that long. Time flies my friend, time not waiting for anyone. You may have drank the Fountain Of Youth, but you won’t be able to turn back time. It the most precious commodities in the world. Is so much valuable than Gold, Silver and Estates combine. Of course I’m here not to preaches you about the Jesus of time, but the journey to this majesty place in Sabah, Borneo. Looking back 10 years ago, i must be thankful to my girlfriend then, wife now. Without her i wont be appreciating the photos that we had taken since. And not forgetting my old buddy Kar Keng for having madness to join in. 

First Day : Upon arrival, we check in to the Backpacker hotel. With the budget constrain, he are happy with that the Bunker Beds and facilities provided. We can’t complaint much, with the food nearby and transport provided. 

Second Day : we treat ourselves to the Manukan Island of Sabah. We going for the Sun Baking and sandy beaches. Snorkelling was the norm and the boys is check out the European Bikinis then..

Third Day :  We sent for the White Water Rafting in Sungai Kiulu. It was prescient clean and untouched. Never i saw anything alike in Peninsular. It not raining season then, the guard told us is Level 2.5. So is must be pretty easy. Till Theresa got knock down half way the stream. Me ? Without the split second I becoming the Mitch Buchannon of Baywatch jump off and doing the rescue mission. She was getting push away by the strong current. We somehow pull back and reside at the nearby banks and awaiting the ballooned raft to come in. What a story. 

It takes 2.5 hour to reach from the 1KM – 3.5KM. Carrying the 13KG backpack was not easy feat. But i should had appreciate the materials and component making this backpack of the Karrimor sack. Including the 3Liter water tank put in for 2 person. She was suffering back then, if you notice the pic. I pushes her On the stair climb. 

Almost there..

It took us 6 hours to reach Laban Rata. While the others boy challenging the mountain only 3.5hours by running up. I’m worries that she having the difficulties of breathing, somehow she keep her momentum and reach Laban Rata to for the overnight stay. We had our dinner there and enjoy the magnificent sunset. We need to rest early because we could be awake by alarm at 1.45am and start climbing again at 2 am. 

The climbing shoe of Adidas street. Photo taken above Bunker Bed

It been exciting experience from the start. It known not to be easy. Especially for my current wife who is suffering from breathing difficulty since young. Somehow she manage pushes her limit beyond the last day of climbing. It was terrible difficult at every step up the climb.  I try not to make sudden move  and stay along her side.

At about halfway up, she needed to stop and scale back due the air thinning. The Employed Guide took her back to the Laban Rata that night. While the the rest of the gang continue on assault the highest mountain in South East Asia. Deep inside, i was worry at the condition she suffering. I accommodate her down halfway down stair to Laban Rata. After making sure you she taking a rest the Laban Rata with employed Guide, and not pursuing the goal of summiting. I continue on.

With the free felt heart, i chased down the the rest of the gang who is waiting at the top. Little by little i move and met them them at the summiting peak. We took some photos. It was so windy and cold that night. My lips was bleeding due to the dryness. We manage to some photography that memorable night. Would i come again, hell yeah ! It will better equip glove, boots and jackets. 

Facts Sheet :

  • Elevation :  4,095m
  • Total Ascent : 2,160m
  • Total Distance : 18km
  • Duration : 2 Days
  • Suffer Rating : Level 7 Pain