Camping At Sungai Congkak

Camping At Sungai Congkak

This will be my second time camping at Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat Selangor. Remind me of the first time arriving during my scouting day in 1993. We went by school bus and really excited on the journey. It’s planned 4 day 3 night scout camping. The most memorable time was the night session, dubbed as “Sesi Burung Hantu”. It was after dinner at 9pm after briefing, which we were lined up straight line. Holding on to your buddy shoulder and blinded folded ! We were instructed to walk slowly in straight line and not knowing what is around us.

One by one, we were pull down and sit alone in the bush at night time. It was total darkness. You can’t even see you nearest friend. This is a scout test. You are not allow to stand up or move. Cold, fear, scare. This activity is to test the ones mental toughness and physical. If you are caught moving and standing, you will be transfer to even further up and secluded area. Many were crying, and begging to get home.

There were big insects like spider, or cricket crawling over your body. We were warn not to walk, as you may get missing in the jungles. Well i heard a fallen tree. A big bang sound. Once an hour mark, you notice a footstep of the Teacher, coming to check on each one. You felt glad, but the soon disappearing sound, making the creepy felling coming back again. The activity finally finished at 1am. Some were peeing in their pants. Afterward, there also sort of stories. The famous and most talk-about was Ghost Stories! Half of them heard it or saw it..

So this time around I’m back again with buddy and my sister who came back for holiday. Mine as well go for a camping trip. We planned for 3 day 2 night camp. Prior to that we went site survey first at Lepoh Fall and Sg.Pisang. We settle here at Sungai Congkak as we deem the best for my sister and easy for us to unload the gears. We camp the further away from the main entrance.

Re-fit the bamboo table and putting tarp over it the cover from the rain. It raining soon, the woods collection have to be fast and double effort. Dark cloud is coming over.

Using the chopped wood. Mostly are soak wet, but still manage to get some burning. That my hungry sis waiting
Icy water

My sis went back a day earlier sighting stomach pain. Ya right.. she got scare up at the midnight forest dogs around i think..hahaha. Did i tell her that we got some special Explosives at our expense.

Chill la bro

We hang out till 4.30am on the first night. Potatoes was real the companion. Holy smoke…