Lepoh Waterfall

Lepoh Waterfall

The Keeper of the area, leading us the way to the pristine single-track jungle. The purpose of this hike is to discover the site whether suitable for camping or not, as we plan to come end of the month. Situated 3-4km southwest of Mount Nuang, make a left turn to Sungai Pansoon, Kampung Kuala Pansoon. We parked at Asli Adventure Base Camp and the hike is just nearby. 

The site was a former hydroelectric power station owned by 
Central Electricity Board during the 1950s for the development of National Grid. You will notice huge pipe along the hike. We make a pit-stop and cold down half way the hike. 

It take us almost 2 hour to reach the waterfall. Is pristine clear water and secluded area making it a perfect place for camping and picnic. 

Notice the camp site opposite our spot. 

Fact Sheet

  • Elevation :
  • Total Ascent :
  • Total Distance :
  • Duration : 2.5 Hour
  • Suffer Rating : Level 5 Challenging