Lata Macau Scam

Lata Macau Scam

We used to cycles to Fraser Hill and passing this Kampung Pertak at KKB for so many years. We just didn’t realise we missing out on this beautiful kampung which is situated at Right after the newly constructed Bridge of KKB Dam. We should has just go in and enjoy the deep and wide river at the car park. It always so damn hot when we’re on the way back from Fraser. Well, it still never to late to explore now.

As usual, the 3 of us had decided to go to Lata Medang. The tall and magnificent fall. We packed heavy, and carry mostly picnic stuff, yep table & chair, foods and water.

The more we walk, the more we suffer. It just never reach the destination. We followed the sign of the river on our left and follow thru entire journey. Half way down the journey about 3km, there a fork. We took the left one, as we thought that river connected to the fall up above. Cuz the right one seem to be like uphill battle and no river whatsoever on right side.

We passed by several camp site on our left. Mostly all need to pay for camping. My best pal dig up ” Lo Sun” which he said was sweet after boiling with hot water. The trail itself was half destroy by the Motocross bike. You can’t hike in the middle, using mostly sideway. It muddy all the way. Low cut shoe suffer the most with mud soaking up the feet. Plenty of leeches. We decided to give up after battling 7km reaching elevation 1063m. Now we know, we went the wrong way. It not Medang anymore.

We stop at one of the small waterfall and had our quick lunch as the weather turning bad. We cooked half the meal and quickly enjoy the water. Is pristine and untouched surrounding at the site. We shall call it Macau Scam Fall after all..

  • Elevation :  1063m
  • Total Ascent : 518m
  • Total Distance : 14.33 km
  • Duration : 6 Hour
  • Suffer Rating : Level 7 Pain

Getting Here : From KKB Town toward Fraser Hill. You be passing the beautiful dam on the left. Take the Right turn after the Long Concrete Bridge. Follow sign JKOA Kg.Pertak signage. Entrance Rm1 per head.