Brutal Hike To Mount Tok Nenek On Monsoon Rain

Brutal Hike To Mount Tok Nenek On Monsoon Rain

It been raining for the pass whole week. Yesterday too. The male who came before, pull-out last minute. Cheap bastard from Johor. Affecting the rest of the group morale. Everyone pull out last minute with Gold Standard excuses. So we left with, two and the half-man. On our own attempt on Trans YYBBTN 42km? At such a small group, we decided to change plan to Mount Tok Nenek. It monsoon season. Who the hell plan for 2D 1N on this hardcore Trans YYBBTN. Relying only on the GPX files downloaded to phone, we march on. It Friday where everyone is having happy hour, i drove straight to Cameron Highland. It still raining. Drove up the mountain road of Simpang Pulai. It dark, and cold. 3.5 hours later i reach at Kampung Raja to meet our friend Soon and dinner. We had Guinnesses to warm up the body. I slept at comfy Prado at Guan Ti Temple. It still raining, i awake by 4am and we drove to Pos Rengil, Gua Musang. We start the hike at 6am. 

The entire trail was crazy muddy. It almost 85% of trail leading to the summit is damp, wet, smelly, fully of insects. My new boot, covered with mud. But inside was very comfy and dry. Thank to the waterproof GTX material. The comfy-ness doesn’t take long before we reach the waist deep river session. Crossing with the rope attached from both end. Without it, you will wipe out as the river come gushing with its volumes water. Then the whole boot felt like 4kg stone. With my rucksack of 10kilo, it does suddenly feel heavy now. There is still a dozen of river crossing. The 2 person buddy had left me after the Simpang Y intersection. We took the left turn to Grandma Hill, while the right to Yong Yap Mountain. The whole mountain is infected with this giant bamboos. I had to battle thru the bamboo jungle solo. It smelly sting from it mud everywhere. I had to lower my head entire time, to avoid the fallen bamboos. Without a machete or parang, i had to lower to my knee and crawl out from barraged. It was a slow pain, i can’t move fast with my rucksack. There nobody to rely on. Oh, did i mentioned i got stung by bees on my neck and ears. 

I sloth thru 7hour to reach 1200 elevation. We setup our Base Camp at Camp Hari. We quickly eat lunch. I try on my Kembara Meal. It fantastically fast and delicious. All you need to do is just pour in water in the seal. Just cold water will do. Waited 10 minuted while it heat up itself. What a military tech! Afterward, we ascent fast. No, i mean they. As usual, i left behind again, walking and playing mud. 200meter to reach the peak, i saw them waiting for me. They had actually came down from the peak. Probably is cold up there. There a session of high wall to climb. I held on to the robe and my big boot not getting the traction of the wall. I almost given up there. With Soon help, i got over it and take my own selfie on the summit. There is suppose 360 view to both side of Titiwangsa Range. It just fog. You see fog, that all for 10.5 hour of hiking to 1904m and i see fog. Nor any grandma around. Not even a soul. I spend the shortest amount on time on the summit; 5minute and longest time of ascent. Crap, this grandmother hill! It been getting dark. The rain start pouring down when we descent. We switch on the headlight, and navigate the night jungle.

At the base camp, we were rain soaked and hungry. I get clean up under my tarp earlier setup, and cook the fast instant noodle. I didn’t was too tired to do anything else. I just go and rest at the hammock. It 10pm and still raining. I got sleepless night, as i was beaten by this tiny flies. There are everywhere. It hurt at first stung, and i got plenty of that all over me. I sleep at hammock without mosquito netting. I had to cover my face with towel. I regret not talking the mosquito coil. The next morning, after breakfast, we decent. In total i spend 28.83km and 18.6hour of hiking. I hate to say this, my toughest hike yet than Mount Korbu. It could be the heavier side of carrying 10kilo rucksack and super heavy boot, dozen river crossing, the muddy trail, bamboos, bees, sandflies, monsoon rain and no view. Hell no, I’m not coming back.

Tips: Wear a sandal, bring along a parang, insect repellent, and ton of mosquito coils.

Facts Sheet :

  • Elevation :  1904m
  • Total Ascent : 1435m
  • Total Distance : 28.83 km
  • Duration : 18.6 Hour
  • Suffer Rating : Level 9 Brutal