Soloing To Mount Santubong & Fort Margherita

Soloing To Mount Santubong & Fort Margherita

I was flown over to Kuching, the capital populous city of Sarawak on work purpose. The city is situated on the Sarawak River at the southwest tip of the state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Kuching was the third capital of Sarawak in 1827 during the administration of the Bruneian Empire. In 1841, Kuching became the capital of the Kingdom of Sarawak after the territory in the area was ceded to James Brooke for helping the Bruneian empire in crushing a rebellion particularly by the interior Borneo dweller Land Dayak people who later became his loyal followers after most of them being pardoned by him and joining his side. The town continued to receive attention and development during the rule of Charles Brooke such as the construction of a sanitation system, hospital, prison, and fort.

After my morning appointment, without wasting much time, i head straight to Santubong area. The main attraction, the Mount Santubong itself at Santubong National Park. I drove on my rented car to 35km to the North of Kuching Town. A slow scenery drive will take you back to the tranquility of surrounding and the rainforest. You notice a peaks rise steeply to 810m, forming a catchment for a variety of wildlife. Others main attraction in Santubong is the Sarawak Cultural Village which is located at the foothill of Mount Santubong. In the Cultural Village, you have the chance to experience the rich cultures and different ethnics of Sarawak. There are gardens of beautiful flowers and plants with amazing rock and sculptures around in the Cultural Village. One of the must do exciting thing in the Cultural Village is to walk across the bamboo bridge to reach the Bidayuh Longhouse. The bamboo bridge is quite narrow but with strong and long borders at both sides. In the long house, there are traditional music playing and locals dancing to welcome you. Exhibits and displays that are related to their culture are displayed too.

Notice the clear water from the small falls at the backdrop, it super clean and drank from it. I only took my small bottle from the hotel and that all for the hike. It straight forward breeze walking from the beginning. In the middle section you need to go down the cliff and climb up again on the ladder sections. It relatively easy and took about 4.6km to reach to peak of Mount Santubong. I had back down half way as the thunderstorm approaching middle of the day. Promise to come again next time.

Fact Sheets

  • Elevation : 810m
  • Total Ascent :
  • Total Distance : 8.4km
  • Duration : 3.5 Hour approx. to reach summit
  • Suffer Rating : Level 4 Moderate

The next day i was visiting this historical famous Fort Margherita. Construction begin 1879 by the second Rajah Sir Charles Brooke, the design of this iconic landmark is based on that late English Renaissance castle. It takes its name from Ranee Margaret Brooke, the wife and of Rajah Charles whom he married in 1869. The Fort commands a strategic position on a raised bend of the river with extensive views in all directions. Its construction was intended to convey the power of the government of that time. The three-storey tower block’s battlement includes a watchpoint on top, a courtyard surrounded by a high wall with sharp glass shards inlaid for protection, and set into the wall itself are wooden windows from where the cannons were fired. Executions of prisoners were carried out in this courtyard, right up to the Japanese occupation during World War II.